The RESPECT Alliance International: CARE. COMMIT. COLLABORATE.

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About Us

WHO do we serve?

  The RESPECT Alliance International is devoted to providing just, restorative supports and strategies in the areas of education, mentoring and social justice. as we work towards our vision  of developing  brighter futures with equitable outcomes for all, specifically those who society often marginalizes and ignores. 

HOW do we serve?

Our work centers on engaging people for the purpose of inquiry, empowerment, growth and ultimately, informed societal change through facilitating justice-centered  dialogue, workshops, coaching, courses,  and mentoring.

WHY are you important to us?

Moving towards a more just society cannot be achieved in isolation.  Since 2011, The RESPECT Alliance International has had respectful collaboration as a core tenet of our work, and we value YOUR input, ideas and commitment  as you are a vital partner in meeting that goal!

About Us

Our Team

Board and Program Director Elaine Wells Delivering Presentation on Parent Advocacy

Our amazing team of regulars and part-time volunteers are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Team RESPECT could not be a team without YOU!

Our History


The RESPECT Alliance was born out of the belief that striving for justice in all arenas through respectful collaboration is essential and  achievable!  In 2011,  our founder and committed educators and community advocates came together to support families and community members in multiple areas. We have been honored to serveiserve individuals and  communities locally,  nationally, and internationally.

Our Mission


The RESPECT Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating barriers to societal justice via respectful and collaborative advocacy, mentorship, education, and coaching